The Search Engine Reputation Management Service is a 


There is a Powerful combination of monitoring system and artificial intelligence (AI).
We have B2B, B2C solutions
Ready-made solutions for people, businesses and brands are available!
AI is onboard! 


Persons, Businesses & Brands

Who needs these solutions?

Sermbot gives you the opportunity to find sites that have high visibility in search engines that post information that affects the reputation of your company, brand, person


a guidance

The Sermbot service has a simple dashboard. Starting a project and getting started is very easy. It is easy for you to launch new project and protect your reputation.

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Search Engine Reputation Management

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Price Tracking

Whould you like to track the prices of your competitors?
SERMbot will effectively solve this problem!
You'll get the information you need about price changes in a timely manner and without losing the time of your employees.